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The Secret to Winning Marketing- Change the Rules

“I’ll tell you my open rate if you tell me yours…”   When I ask wineries about their open and click through rates, the response ranges from mild satisfaction to disappointment, with a healthy dose of confusion in the mix (for those of you that were wondering, open rate is the number of customers who opened your marketing message divided by the total number of customers you sent it to. Click through rates are similar- the number of customers who clicked on a link or button divided by the total number of customers you sent to.) Don’t get me wrong- wineries have a lot to be happy about. Most average an open rate of over 30%, a good 5% more Read more »

The Winery’s Guide to Amazon Wine

A deep dive into Amazon Wine- from the Winery’s perspective   You like to sell wine- Amazon likes to sell everything. Sounds like match made in heaven, right? Amazon has 250 million active users and could open up a huge market for your wines, but there are a few Benefits and Drawbacks to consider before listing on Amazon Wine. Benefits Did we mention that Amazon has 250 million active users? Millennials (my generation) have grown up with Amazon, and checking Amazon has become part of our ingrained habit loop- I need something, I check Amazon, and if they have it (and they always do) I buy it using a single click. Shopping trip complete. Amazon doesn’t just have huge traffic Read more »

DTC Secrets: Success in the Slow Season

DTC Sales Strategies to sell titanic amounts of wine all year-long   What should a winery be doing in the winter? Selling wine of course! So how can you drive DTC sales in the months after Christmas, with your customers’ pocketbooks still recovering from the holiday buying-spree? Now more than ever you must use sound DTC Sales Strategies: Sell the Memories, not the Savings Promotions can be a great way to drum up incremental wine sales, but after the bombardment of specials during the holidays it’s important not to rely on discounts to sell your wine. Most of your customers have either visited your winery or had a spectacular experience with a bottle of your wine. Success in your sales Read more »

DTC Secrets: When to Call to Maximize Sales

Data Driven Insights to maximize your DtC Phone Sales ROI   Like you, I am a fan of working smarter, not harder. So since this was a rainy week in the Pacific Northwest, you won’t find me cleaning my gutters, or watering my plants. And just like your chores, choosing wisely when to reach out with DtC phone sales could dramatically impact your level of effort and success. So let’s do this the right way. Here’s what I’ve found after looking at half a million weekday DTC phone calls made for dozens of different wineries on the US West Coast. Monday: Kill me now Mondays are by far the worst day of the week for wine sales, with 20% less wine sold Read more »

Why Pick Up the Phone?

Are Winery Phone Sales right for you?   In 2016 I think your winery should take a moment to sign out of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to call your customers. On the phone. Like you do for your mother or grandmother. If this sounds like a ridiculous idea, I can guarantee that you haven’t tried it, or you’ve tried it and did something drastically wrong. That’s because in 2015 alone I made 20,000 outbound calls to winery customers, and managed teams making half a million calls. And this 500,000+ point data set speaks loudly and clearly – your customers welcome your call (less than 1% ask not to be called again) and calling sells a ton of wine ($8-$25 per Read more »