Stories Sell Wine.

  • Wineries just like yours are raking in $1,000’s in additional Direct to Consumer Sales daily.

  • They do this without hiring a single employee or adding to their workload.            

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Accelerate your high-margin direct sales

What We Do

  •  You make spectacular wines and delight your customers in the tasting room. We make sure the relationship doesn’t stop there using personable phone, email, and text (SMS) conversations.

  • We immerse ourselves in your story- exploring your grounds, laughing with your staff, studying your history and tasting your wines. Through this, we become a true extension of your winery team- able to build relationships, provide personalized attention, and make stellar recommendations to your customers.

  • When your customers have a warm conversation with us, they are having a warm conversation with you- all relevant customer notes are recorded and sent to you, and all calls come from a dedicated local number, showing your winery’s caller ID and (after-hours) voicemail message.

  • We’re fervent believers in personal connection and its ability to sell wine and equip customers to share your wine’s story with their family and friends. Our favorite tool for connecting with customers is the telephone, but our white glove service and attentiveness also shows thorough with Facebook, Google, Email, and Video outreach. We’d love to help catapult your Direct Sales forward.


Problems We Solve

Need Sales?

Phone Campaigns - Without Spending A Dime Out-Of-Pocket
  • Happy Clients
$0+ (Success-Based)

Need Customers?

Funnels, Ads, and Content that Fill Your Tasting Room
  • Happy Clients
  • $100 off Vouchers Remaining

Need Training?

Tasting Room Sales & Phone Sales Training Programs
  • Happy Clients
  • $100 off vouchers remaining
$695+ & $895+

Who We Are

My name is Michael Haas, and I delight customers and move cases of wine. Our DTC strategy has been perfected through my years working in Wine & Technology marketing, and WSET certifications help my team and I to speak passionately and knowledgeably about your wines.

I have a track-record of making clients like you happy. I’m told I sell “a #%&!-load of wine” and that “from a project management standpoint, not once did something fall through the cracks or miss a deadline.”

A bit more about me…
I am an Eagle Scout (if we get lost in the vineyard together I can navigate us home)
 My Family lived for years in a Tiny House (I set priorities and know what’s important)
I can saber a Champagne bottle (when we sell a ton of wine I can put on a show)

Ask to work with me and you’ll quickly see why I come recommended. Looking forward to meeting you, Cheers!

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